Smart Lock Basics To Help You Keep Your Home Safer

Are you tired of fumbling for your keys, wondering if your door is locked, or perhaps you’re just worried about you or (your children) losing them? Smart locks also allow you to track when your entrydoor has been unlocked and by whom. If you have any of these conserns, then it might be time to consider a smart lock to your home security plan. Here are some tips to help you choose the right smart lock for your home.

What Is A Smart Lock & How Do They Work?

As technology advances, home security measures are becoming more and more advanced. One way to upgrade your home’s security is by investing in a smart lock. A smart lock is an electronic locking device that can be controlled remotely through a smartphone app or website, allowing you to unlock your door from anywhere in the world. Some even have features such as biometric authentication, allowing only authorized individuals to access the lock. The most commonly used smart lock is a deadbolt device, but handle lock options can also be utilized outside and inside of the home. Smart locks offer added convenience, as you no longer need to carry a physical key or remember complex combinations. 

Smart locks also provide peace of mind, as you can monitor and control access to your home at all times. They operate based on electronic protocols instead of a key to open and close and a wifi connection for remote control. Some smart locks come with additional hubs for connectivity, and most are battery-powered. Battery life is dependent on the model. Most locking mechanisms are triggerable by radio frequency, a pushed button, or a voice command all while the traditional key and lock option remains.

Here is a quick video from Wall Street Journal on how smart locks compare to traditional key locks

What Are The Benefits Of Smart Locks

Smart locks offer more than just convenience and security; they can also serve as powerful management tools. These locks provide a way to track and log access to your home. No more wondering how long the dog was walked or if your cleaning person came on time, and this is a curfew monitoring system that can’t be beaten by logging each time your door has been unlocked, by whom and at what time. 

In addition, they can be programmed to automatically lock or unlock at specific times, providing added peace of mind without the need for constant manual adjustments. These locks can make managing daily activities more efficient and streamlined. The benefits of integrating these cutting-edge locks into your home are truly endless.

Review of the Top Six Smart Locks

Smart locks preferences are particular to how they will be used and who intends to use them. The unit you choose should have the perfect entry options for your family, but here are some factors to consider

Smart Deadbolt vs Handle/Knob Locks

It is a consensus that deadbolt locks are more substantial than handle or knob locks, but not all homes have deadbolts. If you don’t have an existing deadbolt and don’t want to drill into your door, adding a knob lock is your option.

If you do have both, you have a decision to make. There are more brands, models, and functions for the deadbolt type lock, but there are options for a smart handle lock that are attractive and functional. It would be best if you chose which you prefer, but installing both may be overkill and cause complications. So this is usually an either/ or choice.

Smart Lock Features

When deciding which features and functions your best lock will have, you should consider who will be using the lock regularly. If you have small children (or teenagers) who may not be able to remember a code or understand the importance of keeping a code confidential, having a lock with an alternative to a keypad may be best, such as a fingerprint scanner. If you have frequent service people access the home for dog-walking or cleaning, a code entry may suffice. Also, for your lock to be considered a smart lock (not just programmable), it needs to be wi/fi controllable.



Smart Lock Integration

Smart locks are an essential component of your home automation system. These locks can be connected to your speaker system, lights, and thermostat and programmed to trigger different actions specific to the user. Imagine your home recognizing you once your pull up, unlocking itself, starting a cup of coffee, and playing your favorite mood music upon your entry. A smart lock can make all of these futuristic conveniences available to you intuitively.


Smart Lock Funtionality

How does it lock? As mentioned above, these locks have many ways to control them. Not all locks have all of these features. All should include an actual key and some keypad for manual access. Investigate if your smart lock has automated features such as unlocking when you arrive or locking automatically after some time. Are there additional access features you would like, such as voice or fingerprint recognition? Would you want to be alerted when certain family members or helpers enter or leave? Are there other devices in your home that you would like your lock to communicate with, such as lights or speakers?


Smart Lock Protocol

It is essential to know which protocol your potential smart lock uses. Protocols are the language that devices use to function and communicate. There are several, and you can learn about them here, but the most common are wifi, Bluetooth, Zwave or Zigbee. Knowing which one your lock uses will tell you whether your smart lock will work independently of your wifi pro to help you with integration into your current system.


Customer Service Quality

Anything with moving parts can fail and if the unexpected happens it is reassuring to know that the manufacturer supports their product with responsive solutions. To prevent future frustration research the manufacturers and suppliers repair and replacement policies. Give a quick call to the cusmer service line to find out if you can get a person on the phone for troubleshooting. Research other user reviews and avoid products with a high failure rate or a long list of consumer complaints. 


Smart Lock Insurance Rebates

Finally these locks can also save you money on your homeowner’s insurance. Check with your insurer to see if they offer rebates or rate reductions for your smart security devices.

Why Choose HPM To Install Your Smart Lock

Smart lock installation can be a pain. Not only will we correctly install your smart lock but we will also make sure that it is properly powered and connected to lock’s hub. We will also upload your phone with the appropriate app and make sure you know how to use all of it’s functions. Our installation methods are clean and seamless,

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