Practical Smart Security Solutions

Home automation and security systems provide safety, efficiency and value to your home and should not be complicated to use. But installation can be complex, with many different components that need to be installed and setup correctly to properly work together. We’ll help you choose the right technologies for your needs, lifestyle and budget, whether it’s an entire smart home or just a few key devices like a video doorbell and smart thermostat. We take care of everything for you from start to finish so you can enjoy the benefits immediately without any learning curves or hassles. We will integrate all the devices with the current system in your home, program them for maximum efficiency and teach you how to use it! We also offer technical support and warrantees to make sure you get a professionally installed system that works exactly how you need it too – every time!

Shouldn't Your Home Be Smarter Than Your Phone?

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Monitor Inside & Out

Control Your Environment

We Have A Smart Solution For Every Budget

Smart Home Advantages

Secure Your Premises

Regulate Energy Usage

Potential Damage Alerts

Control Without Limits

Increase Home Value

Automatic Function

Base prices will vary based on your specific scope of work.

Security Panelsas low as $125
Video Doorbells$75.00 – $150
Sensors & Detectors$25 – $60
Entryway Locks$175.00 – $300
Garage Door Openers$175.00 – $350
Thermostats$150.00 – $375
Battery Cameras$75.00 – $150
Hardwire Camerasas low as $125.00 

Hardwire Installations For Increased Reliability

Why is a manufacturer-trained and certified installer is the most qualified installer of most home automation and security systems?

Manufacturer certification ensures that we have the most specific and comprehensive knowledge of the product, ensuring best practices installation and optimal performance. As certified installers of many products and services, we have first-hand knowledge of the product’s design and function, as well as a deep understanding of proper installation techniques. This means we are best equipped to handle any unexpected issues that may arise during the installation process.

In many cases being a certified installer grants us access to updates and technical support directly from the manufacturer, so we can troubleshoot and resolve problems quickly and effectively.

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