Terms and Conditions Hawkins Property Management (HPM Electrical Services) is a licensed home improvement contracting company in Maryland, hereafter referred to as “HPM”. Patrick Hawkins holds a Master’s Electrician license in Maryland & Virginia. Copies of licenses are publicly available on our site at www.hawkinspropertymanagement.com.

Workmanship Guarantee: HPM Warrants that all installations will be performed as per current at the time of installation National Electric Code (NEC). All claims and requests for warranty service must be submitted in writing. HPM reserves the right to deny any claims where installation is not electrical. HPM reserves the exclusive right to cure any defects within 60 days of receipt of said notice. Guarantee service will not be considered on any account with an outstanding balance. The guarantee is valid for 60 days from the time of installation. HPM does not warrant materials, products, or devices. The guarantee does not include device resets, repositioning, reprogramming or reincorporation.

Property Ownership: Customer affirms that they are the legal Owner or Representative of the Owner with the authority to financially obligate the Property Owner.

Scope of Work: The work being performed is limited to the scope of work listed on the estimate. The owner understands and agrees that any changes must be agreed to by both parties in writing, including text, and may incur additional charges and may delay the completion of the project.

Price Estimate: Written estimates are subject to change based on unaccounted-for, unseen, behind-the-wall, or otherwise hidden site conditions including but not limited to the condition of existing wiring, voltage, or physical barriers. In such cases, the owner will be notified as soon as the condition is discovered.

Access: There must be someone over 18 present in the property at all times during the performance of work. The Owner agrees to provide unobstructed and safe access to all work areas. The Owner further agrees that children and all pets will be removed from the immediate work area or under adult supervision at all times.

Materials and Devices: Any materials or devices purchased for installation are non-refundable and become the property of the owner upon cancellation. HPM does not warrant any devices, materials, or appliances purchased for this project nor does HPM warrant any return policy.

Limitation of Liability: HPM limits its responsibility for any claims of missing or damaged personal property to the aggregate amount of $150 per contract. It is the sole responsibility of the Owner to safeguard and inspect their personal property for damage immediately after the job and before the technician leaves. The Owner agrees to report any claims of damages within 1 hour of job completion. HPM does not assume any responsibility for correcting existing violations of any municipal or government codes, ordinances, or regulations. Corrections of any such violations are excluded from this agreement. If such conditions are found HPM reserves the right to stop work.

Exclusions: Painting, patching, and materials are excluded from this estimate unless otherwise noted on the estimate.

Paint Match Disclosure: HPM does not guarantee 100% paint matching. Painting prices do include the cost of paint unless otherwise noted.

Work Delays: HPM will not be liable for delays due to circumstances beyond our control, including but not limited to weather, delivery delays, or acts of God and Government. HPM does not perform exterior electrical work in wet weather. HPM reserves the right to reschedule any work on days when the local weatherman is predicting dangerous conditions including sleet, ice, or snow.

Cancellation: A cancellation fee of 15% of the estimated total may be charged for appointments canceled less than 24 before the time of scheduled service.

Payment: Payment is due in full at the time of job completion. Cash, Checks, CashApp, Zelle, Bank Transfers, and Credit are accepted. Credit purchases may be subject to a 4% processing fee.

Late Payments: Payments made more than 15 days after the invoice due date will be subject to a late fee of 1.5% of the amount past due per month.

Non-Payment: Payments more than 30 days late will be deemed delinquent. The owner agrees to be financially responsible for any fees incurred by HPM to collect outstanding balances.

Deposits: Deposits for material purchases are non-refundable. Labor deposits are fully refundable when cancellation is made as per the cancellation policy.

Trenching: Any trenches dug for wiring purposes will be backfilled only, The Owner acknowledges there may be unsightly mounds and/or depressions along the dig site. Miss Utility must mark all underground lines before the ground is broken.

Power Disconnection: The Owner acknowledges that the power to part or all of the property may need to be disconnected during the performance of the project.

Entire Agreement: These terms and conditions represent the entire agreement and understanding between parties. These terms and conditions can only be superseded in writing.

MHIC Notice: Under Maryland Home Improvement Commission regulations, the following notices are required in all home improvement contracts: “Every home improvement contract must contain a notice that gives the telephone number of MHIC and states that each contractor and subcontractor must hold a current MHIC license and anyone can ask MHIC about a contractor.” MHIC 500 North Calvert Street Baltimore Maryland 21202 1-888-218-5925 or 410-230-6309

  1. Formal mediation of disputes between homeowners and contractors is available through the Maryland Home Improvement Commission;
  2. The Maryland Home Improvement Commission administers the Guaranty Fund, which may compensate homeowners for certain actual losses caused by acts or omissions of licensed contractors, and
  3. A homeowner may request that a contractor purchase a performance bond for additional protection against losses not covered by the Guaranty Fund.   ADDITIONAL EXCLUSIONS: Unless specifically included in the “General Scope of Work” section above, this Agreement does not include labor or materials for the following work: Testing, removal, and disposal of any materials containing asbestos (or any other hazardous material as defined by the EPA). Custom milling of any wood for use in the project. Moving the Owner’s property around the site. Labor or materials required to repair or replace any Owner-supplied materials or existing fixtures. Final construction cleaning (Contractor will leave the site in “broom swept” condition). Landscaping and irrigation work of any kind. Correction of existing out-of-plumb or out-of-level conditions in existing structure. Correction of concealed substandard framing. Rerouting/removal of vents, pipes, ducts, structural members, wiring or conduits, and steel mesh which may be discovered in the removal of walls or the cutting of openings in walls (except as otherwise noted). Removal and replacement of existing rot or insect infestation. Failure of the surrounding part of the existing structure, despite the Contractor’s good faith efforts to minimize damage, such as plaster or drywall cracking and popped nails in adjacent rooms or blockage of pipes or plumbing fixtures caused by loosened rust within pipes. Exact matching of existing finishes. Cost of correcting errors and omissions by the Owner’s design professionals and separate contractors or agents. Cost of correcting/testing/remediating mold/fungus/mildew and organic pathogens unless caused by the sole and active negligence of Contractor as a direct result of a construction defect that caused sudden and significant water infiltration into a part of the structure. Cost to modify and/or remanufacture custom brackets and other custom-fabricated materials that are manufactured per plans and/or specifications but do not fit properly into the structure.

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